Monday, August 30, 2010

A Cartoon Drawing of Me

A friend of mine drew this picture from when I was Harley for Halloween, and she was Poison Ivy and my other friend was The Joker. I just wanted to share it with y'all because 1) I think she is a wonderful artist and is very talented in general, 2) I think it is adorable and 3) I love how she drew my hair! I fell in love with it at first sight.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Am I The Only One Who LOVES My Fuzz?

This is just an observation, but sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who actually likes my fuzzies. I know a lot of lock rockers hate having a fuzzy head of locks, but for some reason I've never really been bothered by the fuzz, I love how it feels and it is super soft. Am I the only one who loves my fuzz? Hehehe.

I realized that I haven't taken photos of myself lately, so here are the two pics of my hair that I took today. Sorry if it seems like I've been skimping on them, but truthfully most of the time I get tired of taking pictures of myself and sometimes spend months at a time never taking photos of me and/or my hair lol (but I will try and do better!!). I guess the main reason is that I feel like my hair isn't really going through a whole lot of changes, so taking pics of it all the time seems unnecessary. I'm noticing some change in my locs though. They just seem...I dunno, denser? (look at all that new growth I have in the front...daaammnn!)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Essential Oil Spotlight: Sweet Orange!

I think I mentioned awhile ago that I bought a bunch of essential oils not too long ago, and I must say that I'm loving all of them. At the moment, I'm totally in love with the Sweet Orange Essential Oil. I love it because it smells so citrusy, fruity, and just so sweet and fragrant. It has often been described as a "fun" oil, which is also a nice way of describing this yummy oil. You almost want to drink it (DON'T...) lol. What I also like about it is that the oil itself is really, really dark orange. Mixed with other essential oils, all I smell is orange. Believe it or not, even with my Dr. Bronner's shampoo I can still smell the orange over the scent of Dr. Bronner's (to those who have tried Dr. Bronner's or use that as a staple in their hair regime, Dr. Bronner's is strong stuff, so it's pretty amazing that this eo can even overpower that). I love using this oil for my hot olive oil treatment, the smell still stays in my hair even after rinsing out the oil from my locs. Amazing!

So for that, that's the reason why I'm giving Sweet Orange Essential Oil its own spotlight lol. It is also said that it relieves nervous tension and is mentally uplifting, I attest to that, perks me right up!

Who else uses sweet orange essential oil in their loc care regime? Love it? Hate it? Or take it or leave it?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

To Wash Often Or To Not Wash Often: The Endless Debate

Lately I have been noticing how some lock rockers debate on how often we should really be washing our locks. Some say that we should only wash our hair every 4-6 weeks because we have African American hair, therefore, we shouldn't wash our hair too much because we would strip all our natural oils. Others say wash only before a retwist. Then there are those who say that they wash their hair once a week or every other day because they work out and sweat a lot. What does everyone have in common? That we all have different lifestyles and preferences in regards to how often we like to wash our hair. For some reason though, I've been noticing a lot of lock rockers on discussion boards basically debating about how the people who wash only 4-6 weeks have "nasty" hair, the people who wash only before a retwist are "holding out from washing for the sake of keeping a style," and the ones who wash their hair every day, every other day, or every week are washing "too much" and SHOULD be washing less. This is just getting out of hand. And the most baffling thing of all to me, honestly, is why this should be a debate in the first place. It's about as silly as debating how often people should take a bath or a shower.

This is my opinion: I feel that one should wash their locks whenever they feel the need to. If it is sweaty from a workout, wash it. If it is itchy, wash it. If your hair simply wants to get washed, for goodness sake's, WASH IT. Why is it really a big deal? Why does it have to be a debate? I just don't get it.

The only explanation I can think of is that most of us are conditioned to feel that water of any kind on our hair is just BAD. A lot of people who wear locks may still have that "I can't wet my hair too much" attitude because it is just simply what they are used to. I could be wrong, but I know some lock wearers who still have this thing over not getting their hair wet. Not that it is a bad thing, but why does it have to be so difficult? I know there are a lot of websites that recommend how often we should wash our natural hair, but it's called a RECOMMENDATION for a reason, it's not fact and it doesn't have to pertain to everyone, it is your choice to follow it or not.

Has anybody else ever experienced people debating about how often people should wash their locks? The main thing that irks me about it is not so much that it's a debate in the first place, but how some people seem to think there is a right or wrong answer, and that there's a "right" way and a "wrong" way of doing it. I wash my hair frequently because I love washing my hair, and my hair seems to react very well to it. I keep my hair nicely oiled and moisturized, so my hair doesn't feel "stripped" or "too dry." Others may wash it less often because they choose to, and that's okay too. I'm just sick and tired of some people making such a big fuss over it. I think there are a lot of factors in deciding how often to wash your hair, such as personal preference, lifestyle, work schedule, and so on. Not all of us follow that same preference, lifestyle, and work schedule, hence which is why not all of us follows the same wash day schedule as everyone else.

Sorry if it feels like I'm ranting, but this is a debate that I'm starting to get really tired of. It just seems kind of useless to me. Clean hair is happy hair. It's as simple as that.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Bye Bye Summer!

Am I the only one who thinks this summer has gone by way too fast? It seems like just yesterday it was getting started haha.

For a lot of us, summer is really where our hair really begins to flourish. Some people's hair grows faster in the summer (mine included) and a lot of us wet/rinse/wash our hair more often in the summer than we do on any other season of the year.

What does the end of summer mean for you and your hair?

What I'm going to miss about summer, besides going on vacation and having so much free time on my hands, is being able to wash my locs every 2-3 days and rinsing it daily. More than likely I won't be doing that during the fall or winter, just because it is far too cold and windy. It is just really uncomfortable to walk around with a wet head and having wind, cold, and snow making it feel just bleck and uncomfortable. Also, with my busy grad school schedule I just won't have the time to jump into a shower and wash/rinse on a daily/every other day basis.

I'm also going to miss having my locs hangin' loose and free. During the fall and winter, I practically cover my head in a tam every day, esp. out in public, to protect it from the wind, cold, and snow.

In general, I'm just going to miss the summer lol (who isn't?).

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rose Water

Y'all know that I am not really a product junkie, but lately I've been curious about trying out Rose Water. I have always heard so many great things about it. Some of the many benefits of rose water includes:

- It's scent, said to be pleasantly fragrant.
- Can be used as an antiseptic because it has antibacterial properties.
- Can be used on hair, skin, used on clothing, etc.
- Can even be used to cook with!

You could make your own rose water, but I'm not sure if i would personally go through the tedious process of making it when I can just buy a small bottle for $4 at Whole Foods. I would love to try it, at least once!

So has anybody used Rose Water before? What were the results?