Monday, September 27, 2010

20 Months Locked

I suddenly remembered that a couple of days ago i was officially 20 months locked. Jeez, time flies lol. Nothing much to report, but I am seeing changes in its texture and density, like it is looking more mature, but still has a long way to go until it really looks mature. Looking back, I'm glad that I combined my locs and freeformed. I no longer obsess over my locs or dedicate so much time to them, I practically just let them do what they do, and "feed" them when they need the moisture and oil. Plus, I'm just loving the fullness. Here are some pics I took today to showcase what my locs look like now at 20 months, I really do see a difference in how they look now compared to how they looked way back in April before I decided to combine and freeform. I'm loving this locking journey so far and can't wait to see how my locs will look in the future!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Some Maturity Going On?

Earlier today after rinsing my hair I decided to take random pics of my hair (we all have that mood sometimes, even if we don't actually save the pics lol). I dunno if it's just me but I'm starting to notice my locs looking more mature. The two-strand twist pattern is slowly but surely starting to disappear! Not that I think my locks are totally 100% mature but I am starting to see the beginning of my locs maturing, does anybody else see it? Sorry that these pics are horrible and don't really showcase my hair as well as I'd like, but my camera phone was all I had with me at the time.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rose Water Review

This weekend I finally purchased myself a bottle of rose water from Whole Foods. It came out to be about $3, not bad. I initially bought it in the first place for a candy recipe (Turkish Delights) but then remembered that I wanted to use it for my hair.

I poured some of the rose water in my spritz bottle, put a couple of drops of my oil blend, and a bit of glycerin. Shook it up, then spritz the mixture all over my hair. First off, I LOVED the smell of the rose. It was just lovely and refreshing. At first I really didn't feel or see much of a difference, it felt like I was basically using regular water. The next day was when I really noticed my hair feeling very soft, I think the softest that it has ever been. Not only did the rose water make my hair feel super soft, but it also kept it moisturized all throughout the night and the day. I was amazed. And hours later, my hair STILL smelled like roses. I loved it.

However, I'm not too sure if I would incorporate rose water in my regime on a frequent basis. For one, rose water is just not all that convenient. The bottle of rose water was pretty small, it is hardly enough to even use for the entire week. The rose water wasn't that expensive, but it would add up if I started using it frequently. I'm not really willing to go all out of my way to go to Whole Foods all the time (it's a pretty steep drive...) and I'm not interested in ordering it online. So basically, this was probably the first and last time that I will use rose water, unless I really feel the urge to. I really love it, but not enough to purchase it again and again. The most important thing for me was just trying something new and seeing what rose water was all about. Now that I've tried it, I've gotten it out of my system lol. I highly recommend everyone to try rose water at least once. It smells lovely, feels refreshing, and makes hair super soft.