Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Celebration: 13 Months Locked

Today I am 13 months locked! Although I haven't been documenting it month-by-month, it is amazing to see how much it has grown over the past year. And I must say, I never thought that hair could ever be a celebration. I have been natural overall for 2 years; each year has been a celebration of the growth and progress that my hair has gained from YEARS of damaging it SO much with weave, perm, tight-ass-braids, and so on. I never thought I would go down the natural route; I just never thought it was ever an option, I always thought that our hair was meant to be "tamed" and "hidden" until 2 years ago when my lovely hair stylist told me that I could do more with my hair, and voila, she chopped my hair off and I've been natural and maintaining my hair ever since. Crazy, right? And this whole locking process is definitely a trip. A part of me felt like I was meant to loc ever since I had the big chop, and I'm glad to be taking part in the process. Still have a loongg way to go! Even though to the average person being 13 months locked is like "and? so what?", to any natural hair/locked sistah out there, it IS a big deal, and it IS a celebration of the way things are now and the things that are to come! Photos coming up!