Monday, June 21, 2010

1 Year 5 Months!

Wow...I'm almost at the year and a half mark! Here are pics of my hair at the moment. Can anybody notice how some of the locs are looking more mature than others? Progress! That's the only change I'm seeing at the moment. I think the locs are getting thicker, but I'm not sure, is it? Naturally, still freeforming. I will make a more elaborate post on my freeform locing journey on my 18-month mark.

*Note: In case anybody is wondering, those beads are staying in strictly by the thickness of the loc. No rubberbands! They stay on tight, even during a wash! And I've noticed that they've actually helped my locs seal and marry together 100% easier and better than the rubberbands, I kind of wish I used them sooner. Oh well, you live and learn*

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Beads in Me Locs!

A friend of mine gave me buckets of beads just to give away, and tonight while looking through them I thought, hey, I could put some of these in my locs! So I did! For one, I wanted to take out some of the rubberbands and replace them with beads instead. For the most part, the rubberbands are working so well with my locs, but for a couple of locs the bands are more of a hassel and just aren't helping with the process. Just like the bands, I will keep the beads on them for awhile until I feel like these particular locs don't need them anymore. So far, I really like the look they give to my locs, gives them more personality, plus I can always switch the color up once in awhile and also use them when my locs get more mature. Plus I can wash with the beads in my locs too. Nice and simple, but cute.