Monday, December 13, 2010

Long Overdue Lock Update!

I'm finally back! I'll be honest with you folks, the reason why I haven't kept up with this blog much in the past month or two is because I really got kind of bored talking about my hair/locs. I'm now at that point where my locs aren't really something that I care to think about or talk about much...they're just locs, lol. Plus, with school, work, the holidays, etc., I really haven't really had much time to sit down and talk about my locs (though naturally, I'm always keeping up with everyone else's loc blogs, youtube videos, etc.). Today I realized that my locs are now close to being 23 months locked...almost 2 years.

I don't see much of a change going on with my locs. I guess they are getting longer, I dunno. I definitely see more maturity, but not so much that I notice a huge change. I still wash my locs once a week, using Dr. Bronner's soap, but lately i've been taking a break from Dr. Bronner's and instead using the Suave shampoos, because they are lighter and not as harsh. I still spritz my locs a couple of times a day, and sometimes oil my scalp, at least once a week. That's about it. I'm loving this stage of my locking journey. I'm just so relaxed with my hair, and I accept my locs for what they are now and what they were then. No longer have the hand in loc disease, the only time I touch my locs or my scalp is when I'm washing or rinsing it. It's all good :).

I'll try and do more updates and more posts. Anybody have any ideas of what you'd like for me to discuss? Or any questions for me? I'd love to hear y'alls input.