Saturday, October 16, 2010


So in the spirit of fall and Halloween loc rockers, tell me your worst loc scare nightmares! Like the dreams you have of your locks being drenched in perm, or just falling off...don't be shy, we've all had those kind of dreams before! When you wake up and touch your hair, thinking "Thank God these locks are still here!" LOL.

This was one I had last night:

I was washing my hair, and then suddenly my locks started melting off, and before I knew it, I was BALD! It was scary y'all lol, and I woke up and was like "ahh that was scary!" lol.

I know it sounds very silly, but also very funny. Who would have thought that loc scare nightmares can be so frightening and bizarre? Do you guys have any loc scare nightmares to tell? Keep them coming all the way up 'till Halloween, re-tell those nightmares that you've had the night before, or have had in the past, or if it is a reoccurring one. I'm looking forward to reading them!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Where Did Some Bloggers/Youtubers Go?

Does anybody else ever feel worried when a blogger or youtuber hasn't updated in months, esp. since they update at least once every 2-3 weeks? I'm starting to get worried about some of them (i won't mention names unless somebody does in the comment page), I sort of have this unsettling feeling about it, that something is wrong. Does anybody else feel this way or has felt this way?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pig Tail and Baby Loc!

Today after I rinsed my hair I put my hair into some pig tails...for some reason I can't ever take a good picture of how it looks, it's really cute but in a photo it just doesn't look right, I can only take a decent picture of how it looks on the side (where it looks just like a normal pony lol). I think I've realized though why I'm not a styling person..I HATE the feeling of my hair being pulled back, tied up, etc. I can only put my hair in a pony for like 10 mins until I'm just like "I want it off now" lol. I'm just funny that way...maybe, just maybe, when my hair is longer I can tolerate it...I can see myself loving the curls, but really nothing much else. We'll see, eventually i want to at least TRY some styles, even if I won't wear it for no more than half an hour or less lol.

The photo with the baby loc...I can't believe that the little guy was formed solely from a bunch of loose hair that I found way back last November, now it is getting longer and looks like a full fledged mature lock now lol.

I guess that's really all I have to say about my hair at the moment. Trying to make more of a habit of taking photos ;)